Monday, September 03, 2007

RIP Micro$oft (Please?!?)

If you know me, then you know that I absolutely hate Micro$oft. Now, it would seem, that people are starting to predict the end for "The Borg," and I think it's time the world started exhaling that long-overdue sigh of relief. Here we've got a pretty damning list of 7 Reasons Why Micro$oft is DOOMED! Each and every one is a nail in the coffin of those overcharging highway robbers.

Let me tell you folks something: If you can at all avoid getting Windows Vista on a new computer, then by all means, avoid it with gusto and prejudice. Demand your right to downgrade to XP! Or better yet, try a Linux flavor, whydon'tcha! If the ride is over for Billy and company, you'll probably want to start researching alternatives.

If you ask me, though, you're all late to the party. Those of you who thought we were insane for dabbling in Open Source stuff, that no one would ever use it, consider this: Both Dell and HP are selling boxes preloaded with Ubuntu Linux, the very variety of Linux I run myself now. The fact that it comes with Ubuntu and not Vista alone saves you at least $200, the median base price for Windows Craptastic Vista Home Computer Illiterate Idiot Edition. And saving money is American, right? Right.

Charging insane sums of money for a 60% complete operating system that can't shut up and is constantly distracted by itself is not American.

Die, Micro$oft, Die.

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