Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bomb Iran, Bomb-Bomb, Bomb-Bomb Iran

With appologies due to Brian Wilson... Yeah, King George the Simple wants to bomb Iran. He's got his legion of brainwashed neo-cons drumming up any reason they can find to bomb Iran before we're finally rid of what is arguably the worst single president in US history. The Telegraph has the article Here, and the obligatory Fark thread is Here.

Yeah, great. Go and create yet another mess for us to clean up when you're gone. While you sit in Crawford and laugh (at least until you're brought to the Hague to answer for your crimes, Mr. Bush), we'll have to deal with the consequences of your rash, selfish, and stupid decision. It's bad enough that we have to clean up your mess in Iraq, the clusterfuck that is the "War on Terror" (how can you declare war on an adjective?), and your piss-poor economic decisions that doom our financial futures. You know what?


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