Sunday, January 07, 2007

Wrapped In Velvet

You know, for once, I had a fun night. Doesn't happen very often these days, but when it does, they often tend to be rather interesting. Last night was no exception. For starters, we had a good crowd at the Roadtrip Lounge last night. Hotties on the dance floor is what DJs live for, and by golly I had it last night.

Justin hipped me to the fact that Analog Velvet was playing at Mojo's last night as well, which is ultra-kickass, since they don't play up here that often just yet. But they're always fun to hang out with, so I went up to visit them before starting up at the Days. Later, after I was finished (thankfully, the bar clock at the Roadtrip is 13 minutes fast), I went back to Mojo's and was invited to get on stage and croon a tune. Justin was on standby with my camera, and without my knowledge he snapped this quick vid clip.

WARNING: The audio sucks. Let's face it, folks: Mojo's sucks accoustically, since it's a Poole Building, and they did absolutely nothing to even TRY and eliminate the horrid reverb caused by the large open space. So you might want to turn your bass down before you start, and your volume in general down a bit as well. Other than that, I have one question: Damnit, Jenny, who can I turn to?

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