Sunday, October 22, 2006

Let Them Make You A Clown

The good times are coming back, I can feel it.

After two months, I'm damn near back to where I was in August of '04, when things were alot better than they have been. I'm back to working at Electric Avenue (MySpace pages Here and Here) on a normal basis, and back to doing a good deal of Justin's digital work. This past week was the best one yet.

Thanks to problems within the ranks of a local hair metal band (who will *coughhairforceonecough* remain nameless), I was called upon to DJ last night, and other than one little problem with two little douchebags and one medium problem with the PC, it worked out brilliantly! It was a constant war yet again between two factions: The Dance crowd and the Rock crowd, with minor tremmors from a very small Country crowd. But somehow, I managed to get it together.

Which is great, because last night I DJ'd in place of Justin, with a non-stop dance floor and no real problems, other than the aforementioned warring camps. Throw in an encouraging appearance by someone who will honestly remain nameless, but still pulled some extra strings, and you have a great night. Or rather, I have a great night, cause damnit, I left that place at 3:30am a happy boy.

Plus, for the first time in a while, Karaoke night was on the plus side. Not like it used to be back in the day when it was a party every time we ran it, but it started to feel like that by the end of the night. I just need to build up my singing friends list and get them down to the bar most nights we have Karaoke, and I can reclaim both my job and the glory days of two years ago.

So yeah, I'm a happy boy right now. A slightly wealthy boy, too. You know, I really didn't think life would get back to semi-normal this fast. I was sure it'd take til next year at the earliest. Thank (insert deity here) for small miracles.

Oh yeah. I've got a secret... ;)

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